Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Mission Statement

"Providing Spatial Data, Information and Innovative Solutions for the City of Emporia"


The City of Emporia's GIS Department offers many useful resources to help city departments and citizens find solutions to a range of issues. The problems we help solve involve a variety of approaches including data analysis, visual presentation, development of GIS tools, plus many others.

Some of the datasets we work to build, maintain, or update include city zoning classification, city-owned utilities, 911 address points, road centerlines, easements, as well as others.

If you would like a map made, have questions about the data we house, or have questions about what we do, contact us.

Interactive Maps

The following links are interactive maps for public use. If you have problems accessing or navigating these maps, contact us.

Related Links

The following links related to GIS/mapping and development you may find useful.


Here you will find maps, section corner ties, and subdivision plats made available to download in a PDF format. If you would like a print or variations of any of these, contact us.

Download a PDF viewer.

See more documents under Lyon County Subdivision Plats and Section Corner Ties.