Emergency Medical Services

The Lyon County/City of Emporia Ambulance Service offers Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support services to our customers. We currently have 16 full-time Paramedics on our staff. It is our goal to have a Paramedic respond on every ambulance call we make.

We operate five ambulances out of two stations, and provide emergency medical services to all of Lyon County. In addition, we respond into Chase County to provide coverage to approximately 21 miles of the Kansas Turnpike, increasing our total turnpike coverage to 57 miles.

First Responder organizations provide an important first-link in a tiered response for patient care throughout Lyon County. There are currently First Responder groups in Allen, Admire, Miller, Reading, Americus, Olpe, Hartford, and Neosho Rapids. Our service provides Basic Life Support equipment to these groups and they provide patient care according to our Medical Protocols to the level they are certified by the Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services. In addition, most of these First Responder organizations have purchased Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on their own, therefore increasing their effectiveness and improving the chances of survival for a patient who's heart has stopped beating.