Street Department

The City of Emporia Street Department provides maintenance on approximately 175 miles of arterial, collector, and residential streets within the city limits. Unimproved roadways that receive minimal maintenance for utility access include residential streets that do not have curb and gutter or storm sewers and residential alleyways, totaling approximately another 45 miles. The Street Department makes all sanitary sewer and water service cuts for repairs. When a contractor completes repair, the replacement of street materials, concrete, asphalt, etc. are made by this department. The Street Department is made up of one Supervisor, one Foreman, and four maintenance workers.

During winter months, the department performs duties such as snow removal and ice control when needed along with winter maintenance and street sweeping when temperatures are above 38 degrees. This assures good drainage during melting periods and removes aggregate that is applied during winter storms.

The department also assists the Sign and Marking crew in the installation of new traffic signals, maintenance of existing signals, painting of pavement marking, and the maintenance of all informational and regular signs throughout the city. The Sign and Marking Department is made up of two Maintenance workers.