It is the goal of the Sanitation Department to provide quality service to the residents of Emporia. We encourage residents to participate in Emporia's Recycling program. Recycling paper products, glass, and tin greatly reduces the amount of trash you set out weekly. This in turn reduces the cost of shipping trash from our Transfer Station to a Landfill. It also reduces waste and improves the environment.

The Collection of refuse within the City of Emporia, Kansas, is hereby deemed solely a municipal function. In residential areas, service starts automatically upon application for water service. All complaints about your service should be referred to phone number 620-340-6339.

Refuse collection charges are established by ordinance. the service is provided whether it is used or not. all residential water customers must pay sanitation charges. water service must be stopped before sanitation charges are eliminated. charges are figured on a schedule, which is listed below, according to the type of property. All refuse service charges are added to and paid with your monthly water service bill.