Water Department

Water is one of Emporia's most important assets. Your local City Government has the responsibility of providing to you, for your convenience and enjoyment, an efficient water system. Water plays a very important role in our daily lives. Yet, its existence is easily taken for granted as we use it daily without realizing its importance, or the difficulty of making it suitable for use at a reasonable cost.

The City of Emporia Water Department is not supported by tax dollars. It is a self-supporting utility and only revenue from water users pay for pumping, treatment, transmission, distribution, commercial expenses and capital outlay for improvement and expansion of the water system.

Persistent inflation, main extensions, route replacement of existing mains and meter, chemical costs, energy costs, and capital improvements all have had an effect on the cost of providing potable water.

Providing for the proper operation of the water process requires both routine improvements to the existing system and major capital improvement projects to ensure that the provision of water will adequately meet the needs of future residential, commercial, and industrial development in the Emporia area.