Community Housing Board / Land Bank


Vacancies: 0

All members shall be United State Citizens and residents of the City of Emporia.


  • Hear and decide outcomes on appeals regarding property code enforcement cases.
  • Serve as oversight board for housing grants/ programs.
  • Review and make recommendations on housing grants and program opportunities. Help determine if/how City should pursue such opportunities.
  • Act as steering committee on community improvement/clean-up efforts.
  • Research/ review various new and existing programs, codes, etc. regarding housing and neighborhood improvement as requested by City Commission.
  • Give insight on how to improve housing and neighborhoods throughout the City.
  1. Matthew Lowery


  1. Neil Dean


  1. Jamie Morris

  1. Melissa Oleby

  1. Lynn Cunningham

  1. Jermy Hinkle

  1. Jermy Hinkle

  1. Maria Salazar