Community Housing Board / Land Bank

  • 9:30 a.m.
  • 1st Thursday of each month
  • City of Conference Room 


Vacancies: 1

All members shall be United States citizens and residents of the City of Emporia.


  • Hear and decide outcomes on appeals regarding property code enforcement cases.
  • Serve as an oversight board for housing grants/ programs.
  • Review and make recommendations on housing grants and program opportunities. Help determine if/how City should pursue such opportunities.
  • Act as a steering committee on community improvement/clean-up efforts.
  • Research/ review various new and existing programs, codes, etc. regarding housing and neighborhood improvement as requested by City Commission.
  • Give insight on how to improve housing and neighborhoods throughout the City.


  • Jeff Lynch,  Liaison
  • Matthew Lowery, Chairperson
  • Neil Dean, Co-Chairperson
  • Jamie Morris
  • Lynn Cunningham
  • Maria Salazar
  • Eric Porter