Transient Guest Task Advisory Board

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  • 3rd Tuesday of every month at Noon
  • WLW Auditorium, Conference Room 1AB located at 516 Mechanic


Vacancies: 0

This is a seven-member board consisting of persons interested in the tourism industry. The board is responsible to the City Commission. As an advisory board, duties are to make recommendations concerning expenditures for the promotion of conventions and tourism. This board was established by Resolution Number 1381 authorizing the levying of a Transient Guest Tax, providing for the use of the revenues of said tax, establishing a convention and tourism board, and providing for the appointment and terms of service for members of said board.

Members serve a three-year term and there is a two-term limit on the number of terms a member can serve. This board meets with the Convention and Visitors Bureau staff on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the WLW Auditorium, Conference Room 1AB.

In appointing members, the City Governing Body shall attempt to create a representative balance of large and small businesses and businesses from various geographic areas of the county.

  • Christine Torrens-Liaison
  • Becky Smith-Commissioner
  • Matt Johnson-Chamber Liaison
  • Matt Fowler
  • Jennifer Wegener
  • Deon Marrow
  • Jan Trelc
  • Greg Jordan 
  • Jay Patel
  • Joe Foster