Emporia Planning Commission / Board of Zoning Appeals

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  • 6:00 pm
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month (unless posted otherwise)
  • Civic Building Municipal Court Room (unless posted otherwise)


All applications and required materials are due 45 days before the requested meeting date.

All applicants should be in attendance for their application, or the application may be tabled until the next meeting.

Vacancies: 0

The Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals was merged into one joint entity. It consists of seven members appointed by the Commissioners of the City of Emporia. 

The Planning Commission has the responsibility for the preparation, adoption, and recommendation of a long-range Comprehensive Plan to guide the future physical development of the Emporia-Lyon County Metropolitan Area, and hears all applications for zoning changes, conditional use permits, and reviews Zoning Regulations.  The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Commission for final action. 

The primary function of the Board of Zoning Appeals is to hear and decide appeals where a variance or special use permit may be allowed or appeals from the decisions of the Zoning Administrator. The decisions of the Zoning Board of Appeals are final and not acted upon by the City Commission.

Members serve a three-year term which expires on December 31 and may serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms. 

Board members must reside within the City of Emporia.


  • Justin Givens, Liaison
  • Raymond Rogers, Chair
  • Tami Ogle, Vice Chair
  • Larry Bucklinger
  • William Barnes
  • Ken Weaver
  • Stan Fowler
  • Lillian Ligenfelter