Emporia Main Street

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Emporia Main Street will utilize a four-point approach to continue economic revitalization of Emporia and Lyon County in the upcoming decade. We will work to enhance infrastructure and beautify downtown Emporia, ensuring that downtown has a people-centric design. This includes bikeability and walkability improvements, inappropriate facade removal, upper story developments, infill developments, and storefront revitalization. Emporia Main Street will promote Emporia as a regional hub, encourage destination business development, and implement new events that engage youth. We will seek out mutually beneficial partnerships, that are measurable and for the good of the region, with the goal of retaining and growing our population. Our organization will engage a broad and diverse population as volunteers and partners. Emporia Main Street will incentivize business and investments that enhance the local economy and create a vibrant environment. We will seek to evolve the regional economy for jobs of the future, while strengthening our merchants for resilience in a digital world.