Fire Stations

Fire Station 1 with two fire trucks and an ambulance pulling out of bays

Fire Station 1

Station 1 is located in the south portion of theCivic Auditorium.

Station 1, also known as Headquarters, houses the administrative offices of the department, as well as the apparatus and living quarters of the line personnel. An apparatus bay was added on the east side of the station in the early 1970's to house the Ladder Truck. The rest of the station underwent a major renovation in the mid 1980's. Recent alterations include making a Training Officers office and a Battalion Chief's office. Both of these offices are utilizing space within the existing structure.

Fire Station 2

Station 2, located at 15th and Industrial was constructed in 1978. This facility houses the apparatus and line personnel for the west side of the city. It also is home to the drill field and the helipad. This facility has conference and classroom space in addition to the living quarters.

The locations of these two stations allows the city to be divided roughly in half for emergency responses. Currently the dividing line for districts follows Lincoln Street from the tracks to 12th avenue, 12th Avenue to Chestnut, Chestnut to 15th, 15th to Rural, Rural to 18th Avenue, then around the west side of the Country Club to the Interstate. The line and everything west of the line is in Station 2's first in district, and everything east of the line and south of the tracks is in Station 1's district.

Photo of fire Station 2 with open bay door