Animal Control

Animal Control

The Emporia Police Department’s Animal Control Unit protects public and private property and provides a safe environment for residents and pets.

Animal control staff will:

  • Pick up dead animals on city streets
  • Write tickets for ordinance violations related to animals
  • Make court appearances
  • Investigate cruelty and neglect reports
  • Investigate animal bites
  • Process special animal permits
  • Work with owners to resolve barking and disturbance complaints
  • Remove live animals in the living space of your home
  • Present to civic groups, neighborhood associations, and school children.
  • Animal control does not provide nuisance wildlife removal.

Dog and Cat Licenses

For more information on dog and cat licenses, contact the Emporia Police Department.

Report a Problem

To report an issue with an animal, call the Emporia Police Department non-emergency number at 620-343-4225. Reporting the issue while it is happening may help officers resolve your concern quicker.

To report a habitual issue, call the Emporia Police Department non-emergency number at 620-343-4225 or file an OPCares request online.