Homelessness Advisory Board


  • 5:00 p.m.
  • 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • City Conference Room 1AB


Vacancies: 0

This Commission consists of nine members and is appointed by the Governing Body. The purpose of the Homelessness Advisory Board is to provide advice, recommendations, and expertise to the City Commission on matters related to homelessness, including but not limited to policy development, program evaluation, community outreach, and resource allocation.

Members serve a three-year term.

(Resolution No. 3700)


Tayler Wash, City of Emporia Liaison
Dominick Vortherms, Emporia Police Department Liaison
Jesse Taylor, Emporia Fire Department Liaison
Mickey Edwards, President
Sarah Henning, Vice President
Pauline Stacchini, Secretary
Lyn Blubaugh 
Raymond Rogers
Talia Smith
Jay Vehige
Karyn Shields
Samantha Shannon