The Emporia Fire Department provides a wide range of fire protection and emergency medical service to the citizens of Emporia and Lyon County. The City of Emporia receives full fire protection in that not only suppression services are provided, but also public education, fire prevention services and other public service relating to fire.

Fire Suppression Service

The fire department provides fire suppression service to Lyon County Fire District Number 4 through a contract that is renewed annually. This district consists of all of Fremont, Emporia and Pike Townships, and a portion of Jackson Township. This 210-square-mile district is taxed by the governing body and provides their own equipment to the Emporia Fire Department. The department also has the opportunity to utilize district owned equipment inside the city, which tends to strengthen our overall available resources.

Emergency Medical Service

In addition to these fire related duties, the department also provides emergency medical service to all of Lyon County. This service, known as City of Emporia/Lyon County Ambulance Service, is provided to the county residents by contract with the Lyon County Commission. The 860-square-mile county is protected by a ground ambulance service and is backed up with First Responder groups in all of the outlying communities. First responders are members of their local fire department, but are loosely affiliated with the Emporia/Lyon County Ambulance Service. We provide training, training materials, and medical supplies to most of these groups. In return, they provide manpower and quick response in their areas of jurisdiction. First Responders are currently in place in the communities of Admire, Allen, Americus, Hartford, Miller, Neosho Rapids, Olpe and Reading. We also respond to emergencies that originate outside of Lyon County on the Kansas Turnpike. We respond as first due to emergencies as far southwest into Chase County as Milepost 100, just north of the Matfield Green Service Area.