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Posted on: April 27, 2023

Bison Calf Born at David Traylor Zoo

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The David Traylor Zoo of Emporia is excited to announce the birth of a bison calf. The bull calf was born on Monday, April 24th to Beulah (Age 4) and Bill (Age 20) and weighs 48 pounds.

Beulah’s new baby was born in the holding area next to the bison exhibit at 3:45pm. He is strong and healthy and his Mom takes good care of him. The calf can be seen daily in the exhibit just North of the Bison Exhibit where mom and baby will remain until they can be re-introduced to the bull.

American Bison are massive and thick-coated, bison were once the icons of North America’s Great Plains – the largest land animals on the continent. They were also once the most abundant, with an estimated 20 million, commonly called buffalo, roaming the Great Plains. In Kansas in 1870, bison roamed only the western half of the state, and within the next ten years bison herds were virtually gone. The last bison in Kansas was killed in 1886. Today through management, bison have made a comeback and approximately 200,000 exist in national parks, preserves, tribal lands, zoos, and private herds.

They were named the Kansas State Mammal in 1955 and were named the National Mammal of the United States in 2016. Bison grow five to six and a half feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh over a ton. They have curved, sharp horns that can grow to be two feet long. They are herbivores and graze on the plain’s grasses, herbs, shrubs, and twigs- approximately 15 pounds per animal per day. Their average life span is fifteen 15 to 20 years.

Did you Know?

  • Bison grunt periodically to communicate and keep contact with the rest of the herd. They bellow aggressively when challenging another animal.
  • In winter, bison clear snow from their grazing area by sweeping their massive heads from side to side.
  • Wolves and grizzly bears are natural predators of bison in the wild.

If you have questions, please contact Zoo Director, Lisa Keith at or 620-341-4365.

Bison Calf with Mother (MOV)

Bison calf with mother surrounded by fencing

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