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Dryer Park

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In the northwest corner of the City, surrounding the Water Treatment Plant, is 40-acre Dryer Park. Access to this area is from 24th Avenue.

Named in honor of Dan Dryer, a Street and Utility Commissioner of the early 1900s, this park came about as the result of his search for a more permanent water supply for the City of Emporia. The Commissioner also was known for the Dryer's "4-inch bath", due to his urging of Emporia's citizens to limit the depth of their Saturday night bath to four inches. Another story regarding this park related to me was that years ago, during an intense heat wave, people from town brought blankets and tents to the park in the evening, benefitting from the breezes up on the hill. At one time this park featured a wading pool, bath house, and restroom.

A recent improvement to Dryer Park is the Buck Fund Dog Park. This area was put into use in May 2006 and offers fenced areas for dogs to run and play off-leash with many dog-friendly features.

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