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Eastside Memorial Park

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Previously known as 9th and East Park, this tract is located south of 9th Avenue between East Street and Lakeview Street, bordered on the east side by a railroad right-of-way, and by residences along East Street. The park land was leased from the Santa Fe Railroad during the 1970s.

Originally intended to serve as a neighborhood park to be developed by people in the surrounding area, this park saw very little use for a number of years. This situation changed however with the formation of an association of citizens who desired to see the site developed as a functional park. The name of the park was officially changed to the Eastside Memorial Park and plans are underway to add features that will offer a full spectrum of facilities which will result in a viable asset to the park system.

During 2004, there were two lots located on East Street which were purchased by an anonymous donor to be utilized in the park. A grant was also secured to provide financial assistance with improvements which include a basketball and activity court, a shelter house, comfort station, playground, sidewalks and off-street parking. Thanks to the dedication of the Emporia Eastside Community Group and their fundraising efforts, this area should soon provide a valuable recreational facility for the citizens of Emporia.

Reservations may be made for this park's shelter house by calling 341-4365, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

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